Monday, April 26, 2010

Nooblet's Macarons > The First Perfect Ones

Lemon mascarpone macaron after 24hrs maturation

Oh, gorgeous insides...

I made perfect macarons. A monumental feat where Nooblet made something so decidedly un-noob. 

After my strange footless 'macarons', I wanted to try the sucre cuit method again. After all, it's supposed to be the more reliable approach to macaron making. And after yet another day's worth of 'research' on food blogs, I decided to follow Ms Humble's recipe for lemon mascarpone macarons which can be found here (Ms Humble is my Macaron Goddess, her blog is a must-read for anyone thinking of attempting macarons).

They turned out perfect. I had, in my own kitchen, beautiful fluffy macarons with tall, compact feet and delectably shiny tops. Having been scared by everyone on the internet into thinking macaronage (that flows-like-magma consistency) is impossibly hard to achieve and terribly easy to pass into over-beating, I was surprised to find that the batter took a fair bit of folding to reach the desired consistency. I found that this time, my macarons were weirdly invincible. I even piped them using a freezer bag (I know, zip-lock at least right?). But when they came out the oven, they were perfect. 

They have feet!

Just for the record, Nooboy took this photo and really wanted it to be included on the blog. Please don't judge me for graininess. I'm just trying to keep domestic peace!

And they tasted perfect too. The lemon mascarpone filling set of the sweetness of the almond meringue perfectly. And they were soft and fluffy after 24hrs maturation. I managed to rescue some from the jaws of Nooboy and his sister to share with my girlfriends and they loved them. I'm so happy!

Of course, this could be a fluke. One success amidst thousands of failures. But I'm hopeful. Stay tuned.  


  1. they were perfect!
    (Except for the odd one which possessed decidedly male parts.)
    -see pic 3, above: second last row, second column

  2. but are they as good as mushroom salt pepper and butter?!!



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