Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Ombre Petal Cake

Another late night photo...Don't judge me.

Being that it’s father’s day this Sunday for us Australian folks who live on the right side of the world, I’m dedicating this post to dear old Dad.

I usually ask my friends and clients for 2 weeks notice for any cake orders. So last Saturday, when my dad said: “Vicky, you know you gotta make a cake for my friend’s birthday for Wednesday right?”

Um… No? First I’d heard of this cake! Sheesh.

My mum used to hate being around my Dad and I when we were together, because we always bicker. Hard. About anything. And everything. But that’s just how we roll! And Mum never really understood that. Dad and I would fight about everything under the sun, and within 5 minutes, be all chummy again. We knew it was friendly, even when it wasn’t.

In any case, I had a busy weekend, which left last night to do the cake. The ombre petal effect is something I’ve been meaning to try for a little while so I felt this was a good opportunity, seeing as Dad didn’t know what kind of a cake he wanted.

A few hours later, and I was done :) . This morning, i.e. the morning of the day he wanted the cake, Dad waltzes in and says “Gee it’s a bit small.” Guess what? Dad forgot to tell me that the cake is for a 50th birthday celebration, and is meant to serve 30 people. Good one, Dad. Thankfully the cake isn’t that small. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get 30 small servings if he cuts it right. And she wonders why we bicker.

The cake is yellow cake with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

Kimmidoll Cake

I made this Kimmidoll cake a couple of weeks ago for my combined birthday celebration with le boyfriend. It served 120 coffee portions and about 60 dessert portions and weighed about a ton. If anyone was wondering, we only got down to her fringe... She is all mud and rich dark chocolate ganache inside.

For about 2 weeks after this one, I was scouring the interwebs looking for cute kimmi/kokeshi dolls that could be cake-i-fied. Have a look at these guys:

If anyone is interested in how to make one, it is available as a novelty course at Planet Cakes, who are wonderful! It is no coincidence that they are commonly regarded as the best couture cake company in Sydney.

If anyone is interested in having a Kimmidoll cake made up, please send me an email (see contact link above). Fully customizable in terms of colour. I'm thinking ninja cakes at the moment...

Also, I wanted to stick in a quick mention of Sushi Tei on Liverpool street. We frequent this place quite a lot, but they were so incredibly accommodating and patient with our large booking at such short notice. Great food and great service!

Green Tea Macarons

Have I mentioned I love Instagram?
These green tea macarons are wonderful. I love that combination of a very Asian flavour with a very Western style dessert, and this is no exception. I expect that there will soon be some black sesame/sticky rice macarons making an appearance.

The green tea is slightly bitter, which counters the usually very sweet macaron very well. Green tea powder is usually available in a Japanese/Asian grocery. If you have trouble finding it, try also looking for green tea ice cream mix. Hint: if it says 'matcha', you're on the right track.

The cracked one had a bite taken out of it...sorry. Couldn't resist ;p

By the way, these really cute tiny bowls and plates are from Ikea.
If anyone's interested in making macarons, have a quick flick through the Nooblet Patissier site (see pages bar above). Keep an eye out, because I will soon be posting a few more macarons recipes there along with a short discussion on what works for me and what doesn't (this will be mostly talk about the Italian meringue method).

Angry Birds Cake

So, one more brightly coloured, kid appropriate cake for you guys! Angry Birds cake! For one lovely Angry Birds fanatic. I'm really sad that I only have these instagram photos of the cake. It disappeared pretty quickly following a dinner at Kobow restaurant in Sydney.

Inside was chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. All the Angry Birds figurines were edible, formed form gumpaste.

If you're interested on how to make these little figurines, let me know in the comments section and I'll post up a tuturial for you guys. :) finish off, a random photo of Miss Bagel. She's a little pig and wants eggs and cake too. :)

Hello Kitty Cupcake Tower

I have a friend who's obsessed with Hello Kitty. Adorable!

For her birthday, she asked for a Hello Kitty cake. Who am I to say no?

Amy is one of the sweetest people I know. She's loving, kind, honest and straightforward. I always knew she was into Hello Kitty, but I didn't realise how obsessed until I made her this cake. And what a fitting theme. I think Hello Kitty almost defines Amy. Pink, sweet, fun.

During the party, Amy's beautiful parents came and thanked me, saying that a cake tower like this was "Amy's dream". I could not have been more honored. No one deserves to have her dreams fulfilled more.

Love you!

Tinkerbell Cupcake Tower

Had some trouble getting Tinkerbell to sit ladylike...her legs kept wanting to go in opposite directions.

I thought I'd kick off the new blog with this cute as Tinkerbell cake tower. For those of you who don't know me, I go by Nooblet and run Nooblet Patissier, my general baking blog. Very recently, Noobet Patissier underwent an inter-web-mitosis sort of event and divided into two distinct blog: a baking one, and a caking one!

Nooblet Patissier will be predominantly focused of baking endeavours such as breads, pastries and other random dessert stuff. Nooblet cake will be a platform where I will showcase my cakes (which are available for order in the Sydney metro area). I will also be posting caking tutorials here from time to time for those of you who are interested in DIY sugar madness.

Life has been pretty hectic for me at the moment and I'm currently juggling all sorts of life-thingies, both ordinary and regular, and extenuating circumstances. So while my posts probably will not be the most regular at this point, I'll do my best to make sure they keep on coming, however sporadically that may be.

So now! On to the cake!!! I love making kids' cakes. They're so much fun! Wedding cakes most often default to the whites and the creams and the very pastel colours, which are certainly beautiful, but it's a wonderful break to make a loud, bright cake. Birthdays, especially children's birthdays, are so perfect for this!

This Tinkerbell themed cupcake tower was made for a 3rd birthday. It's a chocolate mud cutting cake and light, moist chocolate cupcakes.


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