Friday, May 21, 2010


Nooblet is going through a slight refurbishment. During this angst-ridden time, please excuse any messiness (such as the wonkiness of header above). Nooblet thanks you for your understanding.


  1. I'm new here. What does nooblet mean?

  2. Jessica,

    The term "noob" comes (as I understand it) mainly from the world of online gaming, and has slowly seeped into the slang of everyday life. It started out as "newbie" or "newb", which has gradually turned into "noob".

    A nooblet is usually understood to be a young noob (like piglet), and is usually considered to be worse than the average noob. I picked this name as I am still pretty new to baking and often make many mistakes. Hope that clears things up some :).

  3. Ahh, well then very cute! Happy adventures in baking!!



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