Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chocolate Cup Cakes!

I really love cupcakes. I don't really care about the taste (not much different from normal sized cakes), but they're just so cute! And they're easy to decorate too. You can make them all fancy with buttercream roses, dip them in fondant, add cute little flags, or, if you're not really bothered, they can look incredibly charming with just a dollop of plain old buttercream on top. Also, if you don't want to eat them all (heaven knows why), they're easy to push onto friends and family, especially when kids are involved.

Recently, baking has become my go-to method of procrastination (uni work...pfft), and since I had a big bowl of Swiss meringue buttercream left over from a chocolate cake a couple days ago, I decided to make cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes :D.

The recipe for the buttercream can be found within the chocolate cake link above. The recipe for the cake itself come from Donna Hay's chocolate book. I love Donna Hay, and this is a great chocolate book. I am, however reluctant to post the recipes here on the blog (copyright and such and such). I apologize, but am sure you understand.


  1. hahah it was so yum :D and mum liked the small size :D

  2. :) Gonna dip them in fondant next.

  3. :D
    my work mates like your pictures :D

    and one is going to try your late night soup recipes

  4. My thanks to your workmates. The soup is awesome, hope they like it. :)

  5. :D
    i'll ask... but i dont remember who it was that said it

    ur fondant was great!
    cant believe u said it was too marshmallow-y :S
    i liked it!
    it didnt seem overly sweet on the eclairs...



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