Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Green Tea Macarons

Have I mentioned I love Instagram?
These green tea macarons are wonderful. I love that combination of a very Asian flavour with a very Western style dessert, and this is no exception. I expect that there will soon be some black sesame/sticky rice macarons making an appearance.

The green tea is slightly bitter, which counters the usually very sweet macaron very well. Green tea powder is usually available in a Japanese/Asian grocery. If you have trouble finding it, try also looking for green tea ice cream mix. Hint: if it says 'matcha', you're on the right track.

The cracked one had a bite taken out of it...sorry. Couldn't resist ;p

By the way, these really cute tiny bowls and plates are from Ikea.
If anyone's interested in making macarons, have a quick flick through the Nooblet Patissier site (see pages bar above). Keep an eye out, because I will soon be posting a few more macarons recipes there along with a short discussion on what works for me and what doesn't (this will be mostly talk about the Italian meringue method).

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