Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kimmidoll Cake

I made this Kimmidoll cake a couple of weeks ago for my combined birthday celebration with le boyfriend. It served 120 coffee portions and about 60 dessert portions and weighed about a ton. If anyone was wondering, we only got down to her fringe... She is all mud and rich dark chocolate ganache inside.

For about 2 weeks after this one, I was scouring the interwebs looking for cute kimmi/kokeshi dolls that could be cake-i-fied. Have a look at these guys:

If anyone is interested in how to make one, it is available as a novelty course at Planet Cakes, who are wonderful! It is no coincidence that they are commonly regarded as the best couture cake company in Sydney.

If anyone is interested in having a Kimmidoll cake made up, please send me an email (see contact link above). Fully customizable in terms of colour. I'm thinking ninja cakes at the moment...

Also, I wanted to stick in a quick mention of Sushi Tei on Liverpool street. We frequent this place quite a lot, but they were so incredibly accommodating and patient with our large booking at such short notice. Great food and great service!

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